Elderly L.A. Vendor Trapped in Newspaper Stand for 4 Days

An elderly Los Angeles-area vendor is lucky to be alive this week. The unidentified 84-year-old newspaper vendor was known to sell newspapers at a stand located in the historic Harvard Heights area of central Los Angeles.

The man was rescued on Monday after a passerby heard moaning and groaning coming from the wooden newspaper stand. Apparently, the elderly man had somehow managed to accidentally lock himself in the wooden structure, and he was unable to get out.

According to Sgt. Pedraza from the Los Angeles Police Department, the unidentified newspaper vendor not only sold newspapers from the stand located near Western Avenue and Pico Boulevard, but he also lived inside the stand.

Police indicated that the elderly vendor had been trapped in the structure for four days prior to his rescue on Monday.

Source: KTLA.com

Once the police arrived to the stand, they cut the lock on the stand and lifted the man out of the box.

According to Pedraza, the man was suffering from severe malnourishment and dehydration. He reportedly remains hospitalized.

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