Ecuadorian Dumspter Mystery Changes One Family Forever

What an Ecuadorian carpenter found moving in a trash bag in the dumpster changed this American family forever…

Brownrygg Woolls @ Youtube

The contents of the trash bag had finally made it to where it belonged, ending years of heartache. But how did it get there and how did it finally make it home? This story is nothing short of a miracle…

1. Curiosity in the Dumpster

Brownrygg Woolls @ Youtube

An Ecuadorian carpenter was leaving his workshop when he heard a rustling from a dumpster he was passing by. Curious, he approached the moving trash bag cautiously and was horrified when he saw what was inside…

2. A Pair of Sad Eyes

Brownrygg Woolls @ Youtube

When the carpenter had peered into the trash bag, he was expecting a puppy or a cat. Instead, he found himself staring at a tiny baby. As if the initial shock wasn’t enough, the carpenter had no clue just how many people would be impacted by his discovery.

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