Doctors Said He Wouldn’t Survive, Months Later He Woke Up And Said This

Every newlywed couple has dreams for the future, and Matt and Danielle were no different…

These sweethearts got married very young and hoped for a long and happy future together. However, one tragic day Matt was in a life-changing motorcycle accident. Danielle showed true love and dedication to her husband and refused to give up on him, defying doctors advice. Check out these 20 pictures of a couple who proved anything is possible, and read this beautiful story of love, hope and determination.

1. In Sickness and in Health

Danielle Davis had been married for just over 6 months when her husbands accident happened, and it was not long afterward that the medical team were advising her to turn off her husband’s life support. However, Danielle had other ideas. She was determined not to give up on her husband and when finally he woke up, he had something incredible to say to his wife.

2. Love At First Sight

It didn’t take long for Georgia couple Danielle and Matt Davis to fall in love in the first place. The pair met in May 2010 while Danielle was studying for her finals, and they started dating in September of that year.

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