Couple Throws Full Birthday Party For Their Dog

Couple Throws Full Birthday Party For Their Dog Doggy7UNILAD

An inspiration to all dog lovers, this couple throws full-on birthday parties, complete with balloons, party bags, and t-bone steak, for their corgi.

Wayne and Brenda have loved their pet dog Jax like a baby since they first got him 28 dog years (three human years) ago.

The Texas couple do not have children, so all their love and effort is poured into giving their purebred Pembroke Welsh corgi the best life in the world.

Here’s a video of Jax on his birthday last year…

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Jax's beloved owner, Wayne, told UNILAD:

Jax is from upstate New York. I was actively in the military and my sister Amari came to visit us and her and my wife Brenda brought him home and it was love at first sight.

We traveled across the US with him after I retired and he’s been living his best life since. But his birthdays have always been special for us because with no human kids of our own all of our love and our friends and families just gets poured into Jax.

Jax is our baby boy for 28 dog years he been the centre of attention he loves to swim and play fetch with his frisbee.

He spent his 3rd birthday swimming at the lake. Corgi beach day has also been knocked off his bucket list. He can either be a couch potato or a triathlete but his frisbee will always be near by.

His birthday is April fools day and we always like to make him feel as loved as he makes us and everyone around him

Couple Throws Full Birthday Party For Their Dog Doggy1UNILAD

Wayne's sister Amari, who encouraged the couple to get a pet dog,  posted a photo of Jax's party on Twitter, including photos of the cute canine in a party hat and with helium balloons spelling out the word 'woof''.

Amari wrote on Twitter:

My brother and his wife are so extra for their dogs birthday, but I aspire to be just like them.

Couple Throws Full Birthday Party For Their Dog Doggy2UNILAD

The best bit about Amari's photos is that they were only of the pre-party. The real part hasn't even happened yet and is scheduled for next week!

That's right, Jax, who Wayne lovingly calls his 'fat boy', has the same number of birthdays as the Queen.

Couple Throws Full Birthday Party For Their Dog Doggy5

Wayne explained what is in store for Jax's second birthday party:

The party will be with all his friends from German Shepherds to Pugs. There will be doggie cake and T-bone steaks. Gonna try to sneak them in the community pool after the party games. “Pin the tail o the corgi”

His favourite thing ever is his frisbee without a doubt you can ask anyone he has one for inside outside and at his grandparents house.

Here he is with his treasured frisbee…

Couple Throws Full Birthday Party For Their Dog Doggy8UNILAD

The family were not expecting their extravagant doggy soirées to get so much attention, but Amari's tweet received nearly 48k likes and 15k retweets.

Jax is definitely living the life.

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