Celebrities ‘Before and After’ and their secret

Christina Aguilera

lost : 49 pounds.

Secret: Yoga, balanced diet and no alcohol
Rumors say, Christina really loves yoga,  and she didn’t give it up during the whole period of her pregnancy. She follows a balanced diet which makes her limit on alcohol and avoid unhealthy food she used to love. She allows herself some cheat days but most of the time her diet plan looks like this: blueberries, avocado and turkey for breakfast, celery with almond butter or chicken breast for lunch, chicken or fish curry for dinner. The singer is also fond of shrimp cocktails as an option for a healthy snack.
The examples of amazing celebrities’ body transformations just proves to us that nothing is impossible. Either you will choose one of the weight loss plans mentioned or develop your own – your goal should be a healthy and fit body and raised level of confidence. Love yourself and workout!
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