Builders Discover Secret Beneath The Ruins

A team of builders discovered an astounding secret…

bostonarchaeo @ Instagram

The Seaport District of Boston buzzed with excitement as a 150-year-old secret is revealed at a building construction site. How did the historical artifact end up there? Where did it come from? And what will they do now?

1. Astonishing Find

bostonarchaeo @ Instagram

The hustle and bustle of a Boston construction site came to a complete standstill in May 2016 when construction workers uncovered a rare artifact that bewildered them.

2. Towers and High Rise Buildings

bostonarchaeo @ Instagram

Surrounded by towering office buildings, high-rise condos, and fancy eateries, billions of dollars had been invested in Seaport District’s thriving waterfront. What they would uncover beneath it though, would be priceless.

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