Apocalyptic Prophecy Fulfilled After ‘Red’ Cow Is Born At Temple Of Israel

Apocalyptic Prophecy Fulfilled After Red Cow Is Born At Temple Of Israel Red Cow AThe Temple Institute/YouTube

A ‘red’ heifer has been born at the Temple of Israel on September 4, and, in the eyes of some religious people, brings with her the fulfilment of a dark prophecy.

According to Numbers, chapter 19, this calf is believed by some to herald the full-blown end of days, a time when believers and non-believers will be judged accordingly.

In the Torah, the red heifer was sacrificed by priests, and the animal has been mentioned as a harbinger of the apocalypse in both Christianity and Judaism.

Some believe the red heifer’s birth means the time is nigh to rebuild the Third Temple on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, replacing the two which were previously destroyed.

According to Orthodox Judaism, the rebuilding of the Third Temple – which requires the sacrifice of a red heifer – will ultimately lead to the coming of the Jewish Messiah and the end of the world.

The female calf – said to be the ‘first red heifer in 2,000 years’ will now continue to undergo ‘extensive examination’ to conclude whether or not it is red all over and ‘blemish free’.

If found to be a suitable candidate, the calf can be used in a Third Temple service, bringing ‘the promise of reinstating Biblical purity to the world’.

According to The Temple Institute, the calf was born on ‘the 17th day of Elul, 5778’ (August 28, 2018):

The red heifer candidate is being raised and specially cared for under the auspices of the Temple Institute’s ‘Raise a Red Heifer’ program.

One week after its birth the heifer underwent an extensive examination by rabbinical experts, who determined that the heifer is currently a viable candidate for the Biblical red heifer (para aduma) described in Numbers, chapter 19, and will be examined again in three months time to determine whether it continues to possess the necessary qualifications for the red heifer, a necessary prerequisite for the renewal of the Divine service in the Holy Temple.

The rabbinical experts who conducted the examination stress that the heifer, while currently bearing the required qualifications could, at any time in the future, become disqualified through natural causes, and therefore the heifer will be periodically reexamined.

According to Breaking Israel News, the Temple Institute’s Raise a Red Heifer programme began three years ago with the hope of breeding a perfectly red heifer.

This programme has reportedly involved implanting frozen red Angus cow embryos into the uteruses of traditional Israeli domestic cows.

There have been several false alarms in recent years, with seemingly ideal calves ultimately being deemed unsuitable for the purification ritual.

In early September, two calves born through the red heifer programme were found to be flawed candidates. One calf was male while the other had a patch of white hair, meaning she was not perfectly red.

There has reportedly been nine ‘true heifers’ throughout history, with the 10th said to be the one who sparks the construction of the Third Temple.

Perhaps it’s time to cram in a few good deeds to tell the big guy upstairs about…

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