Alcatraz Prison Escapes Yields New Evidence

6. The Plan

The team spent months planning and plotting every detail of their escape. They also spent that time digging their way through the ventilator shafts. They would sneak out in the middle of the night and make their way to the bay where they would sail away. It was simple… or so they thought.

7. Decoys

To buy them some time while they dug each night, the guys created decoy dummy heads with a makeshift paper mache mixture of soap and toilet paper. They needed the decoys to trick the guards who did nightly bed checks across cell blocks.

To give it a realistic look they painted them with paint stolen from the maintenance shop and added hair taken from the barbershop floor. They pilled clothing and blankets under the covers and laid the dummy head on the pillow to give the illusion that they were fast asleep under the covers.

8. Music Hour

Each evening the prison had “music house” where convicts played various instruments. They convicts used this time to dig out the ventilation ducts in their cells so that the noise would blend in. They dug the tunnel using anything they could find, from stolen spoons to an improvised drill they made from a vacuum cleaner motor. Neatly concealing their work with cardboard and other items, the holes were soon large enough for them to crawl through.

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