Alcatraz Prison Escapes Yields New Evidence

3. Frank Morris

An intelligent criminal from Washington D.C., Frank Lee Morris was orphaned at young age and spent most of his childhood in foster homes. His life of crime started at the age of 13; over the years he was arrested and convicted for many crimes includes armed robbery and possession of narcotics. Morris was caught while committing a burglary in 1960 and was sent to Alcatraz as inmate number AZ1441.

4. The Anglin Brothers

His cellmates were Alfred and John Clarence, brothers from Donalsonville, Georgia. Their parents were seasonal farmers so they moved around quite a lot. In the early 1950s the brothers became partners in crime and started robbing banks and others establishments, always making sure that no one was ever physically hurt. The brothers were imprisoned in Georgia but transferred to Alcatraz  when they kept trying to escape.

5. Allen West

Allen Clayton West was the fourth accomplice; he was convicted of car theft in 1955 and transferred to Alcatraz in 1957 after an unsuccessful escape attempt. A lifelong murderer and criminal, Allen planned the escape with the rest of them but was unable to participate because he couldn’t remove his ventilator grill in time. He died in the prison while serving his life sentence.

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