Adorable Puppy Absolutely Loses It When Dog Food Advert Comes On TV

Adorable Puppy Absolutely Loses It When Dog Food Advert Comes On TV Dog gets excited thumbNewsflare

Dogs, they’re an excitable bunch aren’t they? Maybe the term ‘excitable’ is an understatement, they go absolutely apesh*t over the most minuscule things, especially when it’s dog-related.

As proven by this adorable puppy who goes absolutely bonkers their dog food advert comes on TV. Maybe that’s we love dogs, they find joy and happiness in the most mundane things, you have to appreciate the innocence of it all.

Also, it was a commercial for dog food, nothing triggers a dog’s endorphins than the prospect of food. Unless it’s walkies, or their owners coming home.

You know, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to get a dog’s tail wagging, does it?

Clearly, this brand of dog has this puppy’s approval:

The video, which was filmed earlier this year, shows little Roosevelt getting super excitable when he sees the advert for Chewy dog food. As you can see from the footage he’s watching the screen attentively, waving his paws up and down and barking.

There’s not really more I can write about this is there? A dog getting happy over food it’s nothing new let’s be honest, but you people lap up adorable dog content like moths to a flame – only the thing getting melted is your sentimental hearts.

If you want more adorable doggo content you’ll love this one. During this year’s World Cup in Russia travelling fan, Ricardo Lazo, from Lima, Peru, was in Sochi to watch his national team take on Australia. while at his hotel he came across a stray pup. It was love at first sight for Ricardo and the chestnut-coloured dog, and he knew he had to bring her back with him to Lima.

Naturally, taking a dog home with you to another country is not as easy as just taking them to the airport with your luggage. Ricardo needed to get the proper documents and vaccinations for the dog before she could travel, so he placed her in a dog shelter while this was arranged, according to the Metro.

However, Ricardo has now been reunited with the dog – who he’s named Businka, in honour of the Russian Sesame Street character .

But it’s not just Businka who Ricardo wants to look after though, as he reportedly plans to start his own animal shelter in Peru and wants to name it after Businka herself.

If you’re thinking of adopting a dog, but aren’t quite sure about just finding one on the street like Ricardo did, you can now adopt a dog which is certifiably friendly.

Dogs who failed government training because they were just too darn nice are now up for adoption.

While some dogs are born for the life of sniffing out explosives and catching criminals, others just want to spend their time playing and being stroked, and who’s to blame them? I know what I’d choose.

The dogs, who are just too pure and friendly to make it through to the graduation ceremony of government-dog training school, unfortunately had to leave – but that’s not to say they can’t still have a purposeful life doing what they do best; being nice to people.

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