A Tale Of Two Dogs

6. An Unbreakable bond

PETA @ Youtube

“She always really craved affection,” Cochran said in an interview with PETA. “She would instantly flop over to get her stomach rubbed. I felt a bond with Edith right away”.

7. Helping Out

PETA @ Youtube

Cochran and other PETA volunteers couldn’t ignore the adorable dog who only craved love. They were more than happy to chip in and help, and the more they did for Edit, the more the dog was looking like her old playful self.

8. Hugs and Kisses

PETA @ Youtube

Cochran loved and cared for Edith like it was her own dog for years… and everytime she visited, the dog would welcome her with kisses and happy yelps. She was low maintenance, only looking out for a belly rub.

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