A Tale Of Two Dogs

A normal day for two PETA volunteers who were delivering food and treats to a neglected dog in rural North Carolina turned out to have the most amazing story.

PETA @ Youtube

The volunteers played with the dog, delivered food and treats, and took some pictures of the precious pups… just like they do any other day. The next day they shared the pictures with their colleagues and one coworker, Jessica Cochran, felt like she know one particular dog – a black chow chow mix.

She was sure it was the same dog she had visited constantly years before but had suddenly went missing. Read on to see what happens in this heartwarming doggy-story.

1. Edith

PETA @ Youtube

Edit was found all alone on a bare patch of dirt in Virginia. She had owners but they had neglected her of all the things a dog like her needs: food, water, and love.

2. Starving for more than Food

PETA @ Youtube

Edith’s humans had chained the adorable fluffy dog to a metal post in their back yard. They’d only left a tipped over empty trash can for her to stay in and be protected from the sun, wind, and rain. Edith was sadly limited to the extent of her chain.

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