30 Rare Photos from History You’ve Likely Never Seen Before

1.  Southern California remained largely desolate until the early 1920s


Southern California has a rich history but is probably know more today for its decadence and large-scale cities. But before the Americans claimed California as their own, California was mostly inhabited by Native Americans and Spanish settlers after their invasions in the 16th and 17th centuries. In fact, until the early 1920s, most parts of California was a desolate montage of empty beaches and wild livestock.

2. A famous waxwork depicted Marylin Monroe’s flawless appearance as she was laid to rest


This stark image of a deceased Marilyn Monroe was re-created by an artist after finding out the superstar was clad in a green dress and scarf during her burial.

3. A mental patient is treated for psychosis in New York


Arnie Sanders was sectioned by New York health officers after he admitted to his priest that he saw devils and angels fighting in the subways of New York. But with no known treatments in Sander’s era, patients would be subjected to treatments of trial and error. In other words; you’d become a human guinea pig.

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