30 Amazing “Fortunately” Timed Photos


Although they do their best to convince us otherwise, politicians are actually people. Sure, they may act like robots and look like plastic dummies, but in between the staged photos and the broken promises are some awkward, embarrassing, and downright hilarious moments.

Join us as we enjoy pictures of different political figures that most of them would like to see classified.

1. Kate Middleton


Mother nature has no respect for the royal gown.

You should feel lucky that nature and technology have allowed you to gaze upon the royal derriere.

Before 1695, a peasant who saw something like this would be taken straight to the dungeon and his entire turnip harvest would be distributed amongst the lesser lords.

2. Vladimir Putin


Even Russia’s icy strongman is not above acting like a 14-year-old-boy.

We wonder, is that double thumbs up just an involuntary reaction? Like, every time Vlad sees a woman without her top he just can’t control it?

The best part is his face. He looks like a 14-year-old who just discovered the blue side of the internet.

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