24 Tales Of Couples With Mismatched Sex Drives

Sometimes you’ll be in the mood for sex, sometimes you won’t. The same thing with your partner. It’s just how people are. But what if your partner has a completely low libido?

It may sound simple but to these people, it has affected their lives too much. Others got depressed while others completely ended the relationship. Sounds ridiculous? Read on these peoples’ tales.

24. Sinking Self-Esteem

23. A Few Times A Month

22. Intimacy Issues

21. Too Much Rejection

20. Communication Is Key

19. Better Luck Next Time

18. Not Pushy

17. Compatibility Test
16. No Fuss At All

15. Learning Experience

14. Understanding Husband

13. Who Gives In First?

12. Stopped All Attempts

11. Wish Granted

10. No Passion At All

9. Past Issues

8. Fine With Me
7. Still Satisfied

6. Brain Not Cooperating

5. Helpless And Hopeless

4. Boredom Kills

3. It Hurts So Much

2. All Bottled Up

1. Marriage Killed It 

It’s not only the issue of low libido but it’s completely lacking the desire for sex. Some people can live with it but these people obviously cannot for the life of them. It’s just how they were wired. Aside from love, sexual compatibility is on top of their list.


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