21 Live TV Moments That Made Our Eyes Pop

There’s always a strong possibility that things will go wrong on live TV and because of the precarious nature of the job, you can go from a calm and composed journalist to an embarrassed one in seconds; just like these anchors and reporters.

Some inadvertently reveal their underwear; others call their co-anchors “Daddy”, and the vast majority find themselves on the receiving end of prankish citizens lurking in the background of their reports. One company even requests that their journalists take off their clothes when reporting.


With that said, here are 21 unthinkable news bloopers that made our eyes pop.

1. The Latin Naked News


Desnudando La Noticia, which roughly translates to The Latin Naked News, is a Latin American news programme that aims to educate its viewers by using attractive naked females to report on the day’s events. Yes, really…..

It may sound sexist and even pornographic, yet the aim of the newsgroup is to promote a greater tolerance towards female liberation by breaking the taboo that comes from seeing a woman naked. Sounds good to us!

2. Blown Away By Your Reporting (And Idiocy)


We can’t help but laugh whenever something unfortunate happens to another person. And whether they slip, trip over their laces or bump into a lamppost, it’s almost innate in us to laugh.

But a Russian reporter being blown away by a fire extinguisher live on air? Now that’s a first!

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