21 Ladies Who Shouldn’t Be Allowed On The Beach

We all have that one friend who is somehow able to steal the limelight and totally upstage us. They always look to one up us and steal the spotlight, even when they don’t mean to! Not that there’s anything wrong with living in their shadow, it’s cool and comfy, not too much sun. All around a pretty good gig. Here and some friends that always manage to steal the show.


One of these girls is prouder of her bikini than the other.

There’s Just Nothing She Can Do About It


Unless she goes out and gets a breast augmentation, this poor friend will forever have the limelight stolen from her by her well-endowed friend, who isn’t shy about showing off her goods.

Rihanna Just Being Rihanna


Remind us never to make Rihanna our bridesmaid, okay? Obviously, if you invite a famous celebrity to your wedding there is no way the attention will even remotely be on you. However, if the celebrity has any class she would stick to the sidelines and not attempt to overshadow everyone involved in the celebration.

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