2016 10 Best Cars

We go to the plants and proving grounds to find the people who make the cars we love for 2016.

BMW M235i 2016

To sort out the “how” of the BMW M235i’s construction, one must start roughly 30 million years ago, when the African continental plate started its eons-long rumble with the Eurasian plate, squeezing the Alps up out of the earth. Fortuitously, a century ago, an aero-engine factory set up shop in Munich, at the foot of the Bavarian swath of these mountains, whereupon it started building motorcycles and later moved to automobiles.

The “how,” then, is inextricably linked to the “where.” Imagine if Henry Ford and William Crapo Durant had set up shop in Denver, logging early development miles on the serpentine, challenging Million Dollar Highway (U.S. Route 550). Perhaps Detroit’s boulevardiers, so perfect for eating up the long, flat miles of the American Midwest, might have turned out differently. Perhaps more like BMWs.

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