150 Year Old Treasure Unearthed

The Confederate President and remaining generals fled Richmond, Virginia at the conclusion of the Civil War.


… but they didn’t leave empty-handed. Legend has it that they took priceless treasures and the mystery of the missing confederate gold has been stumping historians and treasure hunters for generations. The treasure had remained undiscovered for over 150 years, until this group of valiant men went on the journey of a lifetime.

1. The Civil War


The Civil War was the bloodiest war in American history. As President Abraham Lincoln worked to abolish slavery, many opposed him. In January 1861, seven Southern slave states declared their disunion from the U.S. and formed a new nation of their own: the Confederate States of America.

2. President Jefferson Davis


During the Civil War, Jefferson Davis took charge of the war effort and strategy. After all, the politician had experience as a U.S. Representative and a Senator from Mississippi.

He lost the Confederates military and economic position by printing more money to help the flailing economy, but caused inflation instead.

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