Wife Caught Cheating After Her Encounter Was Shared On Snapchat

In today’s world filled with technology, it seems impossible to keep a secret under wraps for very long. Even if we’re not the ones doing the sharing on social media, there’s a good chance that some of our private moments may end up public.

This woman definitely wasn’t expecting her secret rendezvous to be revealed, especially to her husband…

8. Guy Meets Girl On Tinder

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This story begins in the most romantic of meeting places: Tinder. After some time swiping through the dating app, the man in this story came across an absolutely stunning woman. Since he rated himself as a 7.5 on his best day, he definitely didn’t think that this girl was even close to being in his league.

7. She’s Way Out Of His League

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The guy’s friends agree with him that he’s not even close to being a match for this girl. In fact, because they can’t find any other social media profiles for this girl, they assume their friend is being catfished.

For the unaware, catfishing occurs when a person creates a fake profile to lure in unsuspecting users.

6. What Happened When He Swiped Right

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Despite his friends’ unencouraging words, the man decided to take a chance and swipe right. The woman didn’t reply for about two weeks, by which point he had forgotten about her.

However, to his surprise, she ended up accepting his date. Even though his friends continued to warn him that they suspected this was all a big deception, he decided it was worth the risk and went to the bar.

5. Much To His Surprise, The Woman Showed Up!

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Although he certainly wasn’t expecting anything when he showed up at the bar, he was more than a little excited when the woman walked in.

“To all of our surprises, the REAL GIRL FROM THE PICTURES WALKED IN! She was a 10/10, again, out of my league,” he explained on Reddit.

4. An Instant Connection Leads To Dessert


The guy confessed that they both hit it off and were having a great time. When he suggested that they stick around a little longer for dessert though, she told him that this was just going to be a one-time thing.

Their date soon ended, and as the girl got into her Uber and the guy was about to walk off, she asked if he was joining her.

3. Was This a Hooker Taking Him Back to Her Motel?


Instead of going back to her place, she took the guy to a motel. “Red flags went off,” he wrote. “I probably should have left, but I didn’t.”

They both got naked, and at this point he assumed he was going to be paying for sex. Maybe because he thought he was paying for it anyways, he decided to start documenting the event.

2. Sex Filled Snaps Prove This Was No Catfish

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Wanting to prove to his friends that he hadn’t been catfished, the guy started snapping pics and videos and sending them to his buddies on Snapchat. The girl didn’t notice at first, but when she did she just laughed it off.

“[She was] probably thinking I was just saving the videos,” the guy said.

1. Exposed By An Accidental Snapchat Story

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Unfortunately for the woman, the guy wasn’t just saving the videos. Instead of sending them to his buddies, he was also posting to his public Snapchat story. He deleted the compromising pictures, but not before they’d been posted on Imgur for the world to see.

The woman’s real name was revealed, too, and it wasn’t long before her husband found out. He already knew she used Tinder and these pictures were all he needed to confirm her cheating.

As luck would have it, he was also cheating, but he just bragged that he had never been caught.


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