Top 10 Comedians Who Committed Suicide

A comic is a person who pursues to beguile an audience, principally by making them laugh But in the world of entertainment, the laughter and tears go hand in hand. Comedians are suffering from morose sound humor, but in a matter, it’s fully prevalent. No one never lacks a good reason for suicide and it is not a remedy for mental illness. Now we gonna look at some hilarious people, famous comedians who committed suicide.

Suicide is man’s way of telling God, ‘You can’t fire me – I quit.’ – Bill Maher.

10. Simon Brint

Simon Brint and Rowland
Simon Brint (September 26,1950 – May 29, 2011).

Simon Tracey Brint was a British musician and comedian who best known for his role in “Raw sex” a comedy duo. He also composed music for small screen show including “The Henry Show”, “Monarch of Glen”, “The Mary Whitehouse Experience”, “London’s Burning”, “Coupling and Stella street”. This Raw sex star who taken his own breath aged 60.

On a black Sunday 29 may 2011, Brint committed suicide. The reason for his self-slaughter is still a mystery. The news was made public the following month by his friend Lenny Henry. Henry tweet on his account “My good friend Simon Brint passed away. Rest in peace Simon – we love you very much”.

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