Step Your Kissing Game Up With This Roundup Of Seductive Techniques

What is a kiss—a friendly greeting? A sloppy show of affection, or perhaps it’s a popular seventies musical act wearing platform boots and face paint? The truth is, a kiss is all of those things and then some. Let’s take a look at a roundup of different styles and strategies.

10. The Ultimate Kiss Of Admiration

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Kisses don’t have to be the sexy, tongue-twisting affairs that we see in movies.

If you really want to show off your admiration, stick with a gentle forehead kiss. A forehead kiss vibrates with love and is a great gateway to more intense kissing down the road. If you give someone a forehead kiss, it means you care.

9. For Experts Only

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Everyone knows of the French kiss, but few know how to master it. The French kiss is centered all around the tongue. If used incorrectly, it becomes a wet, messy experience filled with strange noises. When done right, though, the French kiss becomes a passionate, romantic gesture that is hard to turn away from.

8. Proceed With Caution

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If your relationship is in dire need of repair, attempting the infamous Spiderman kiss will surely save everything. (At the very least, it will distract you two for a few minutes before you go back to fighting.)

Kissing someone in the rain while hanging upside down from a web is tough. An easier way to mimic the scenario? Make it happen while lying down on a bed. Don’t let that stop you daredevils out there, though.

7. Do You Know Morse Code?

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Brush up on your Morse Code lessons for this kiss because it’s the key to an intimate relationship.

With the Secret Message Kiss, two lovers send each other sexual messages while French kissing. This way, your friends don’t have to know about it and you can say whatever dirty thought comes into your mind.

It’s also good for reminding someone to buy milk after work.

6. This Will Unlock Anyone’s Heart

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If you want to seduce your loved one—or anyone, for that matter—give the old Seductive Kiss a try.

This kiss is like a more delicate French Kiss, with less tongue. Using a gentle technique, approach your lover slowly. Move in towards the open mouth with ease while delicately caressing their body. Slip in a little tongue for dramatic effect and you have successfully completed seduction.

5. You’re Going To Need A Bigger Boat

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Jaws terrified audiences everywhere in the summer of 1975, but did you know it also inspired a famous kiss?

Well, that’s actually a lie. Still, the Jaw Kiss is a kiss you should memorize. As you can imagine, this involves kissing your partner’s jaw in a sensual manner. It’s unique, it’s intimate and it feels damn good.

Don’t rush into things just yet, though. As you’ll see on number three, patience is the key to everything…

4. Look Out For Blood

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Are vampires still cool? Regardless, you should all try the Vampire Kiss to spice things up in the bedroom.

This deep, dark kiss involves a little sucking and a little biting in the right places on the neck. The goal here is to turn someone on without drawing blood… unless you’re into that, of course.

3. Play Hard To Get

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We always want what we can’t have, right? Sure. So if you want to rope your partner in with a kiss, be playful about it. Don’t let them have it all at once. Be a tease. Explore their body with your lips but don’t give too much away. Start from the forehead and make your way down. How far down you want to go is entirely up to you.

2. Kiss Like A Chameleon

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As the old saying goes, “Walk like an Egyptian and kiss like a chameleon.” Never heard it? Don’t worry about it.

The Lizard Kiss is a fun way to ignite some passion in a relationship. Just use your tongue like a lizard, sticking it in and out of the mouth rapidly. Sounds weird, but you won’t regret it.

One last tip that will take your game to the next level…

1. Not Too Long, Not Too Short

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The Lingering Kiss involves a mastery of time. Dragging out a gentle, lip to lip kiss can be an emotional ride of passion and romance. Kiss too long, though, and you’ll quickly ride that kiss train into the awkward station.

Grab a stopwatch and practice on your pillow to nail that perfect kiss-to-time ratio.


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