The Iconic Women Who Starred In Star Trek

There is a reason why Star Trek became one of the most popular science fiction franchises ever.

The thrilling plot lines that address contemporary issues including war and peace, economics, religion, and the role of technology, are just one of the reasons so many people now call themselves ‘Trekkies’.

Another thing that’s reeled in thousands of fans is the great acting that came from the show, in particular from the women. Whether they were human or alien, the fans of the show couldn’t get enough of the lovely ladies who appeared throughout the series.

Susan Oliver as Vina

image source: Memory Alpha – Wikia

Oliver made her appearance as Vina in the show’s pilot episode. She went onto become one of the most iconic women in the show and she certainly helped to draw viewers in, arguably leading to the success of the show. In the episode “The Cage”, Vina has illusionary powers with the ability to transform herself into a very exotic green girl.

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