After Boarding His Flight, This Guy Earned A Lap Dance From A Drunk Mom

He may not have joined the Mile High Club, but a passenger on a recent Ryanair flight almost earned a membership. A random woman gifted him with a lap dance and the whole thing was caught on film.

Here’s how it all went down—prepare yourself for the disturbing imagery on photo #3!

10. The Lucky Man

Daily Mail

Meet the lucky guy: Shaun Edmondson from the United Kingdom. Apparently, he was on a “stag” with the boys. (Stag is British slang for a bachelor party). Shaun is a typical 31-year-old bro who works as a sous chef. According to his close friends, he’s a bit of a ladies’ man…

9. The Drunk Mom


Meet Edmondson’s co-passenger and the drunk mom of your dreams: Tracy Bolton, 39. She’s a mother of three children and she lives in Lancashire, England, where she owns a café.

She was seen drinking at the airport before the flight, and she must have had one (or two) too many…

8. Flying High


The two met 30,000 feet in the air on a Ryanair flight. Edmondson appeared to be a little down in the dumps, so his bros began to encourage Ms. Bolston. In her attempt to cheer him up, she climbed over him and got to work.

Fortunately for us, another passenger filmed it all…

7. Long Hair Don’t Care

Daily Mail

Bolton clearly didn’t care about other passengers watching her, and the other passengers didn’t seem to mind, either—check out that dude’s face. You have to give her a little credit for managing to squeeze herself onto his lap. Coach seats aren’t exactly roomy.

And the next shot is dirtier…

6. One Word Only: Awkward

The Sun

In this screenshot, she’s really getting into it. He, too, seems to be fairly excited, considering his hand’s on her butt. Even though the incident went on for several minutes, no one on the flight interrupted them. The passenger sitting next to them did ask to move, but the staff did nothing to stop the situation.

5. Just A Lap Dance?

Daily Mail

According to some other passengers, Edmondson was heard asking his friends if they had any condoms and jelly. Some witnesses claim that they were disturbed by the two having sex, but it is unclear whether they actually did. It may have just been a lap dance.

And that’s exactly what Tracy Bolton claims….

4. No Fly Zone

Yahoo Lifestyle

Tracy has stated that she is extremely embarrassed—”mortified,” even—by the whole situation. Her friend claims that no sexual acts took place and that it was just a lap dance.

But Bolton probably doesn’t regret it as much as Shaun does. Go to the next slide for the biggest shock…

3. Baby On Board

Daily Mail

Edmondson has a fianceé of six years—and she is six months pregnant! Ladies man, indeed!

She didn’t hear the news from him, either… Most likely, she saw the video, because it went viral shortly after it was posted. She hasn’t made any public comments about the situation.


Daily Mail

That may be because she doesn’t know anything. Evidently, Shaun hasn’t talked about this to any of his friends or family. They claim that he’s gone into hiding because of the embarrassment he felt. Not one member of his family has been able to get in touch with him.

1. There’s Always A Phone

E! News

So, while a chance to join the Mile High Club may seem enticing, perhaps it’s not the greatest idea. Anything you do these days can be captured on a phone. Once it goes viral, you’re forever known as that guy or that drunk mom… then you’ll only want to go into hiding.


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