10 Ways to Have a SEXY Christmas!


10 Ways to Have a SEXY Christmas!

Is it possible to have a sexy Christmas–even with the rush and the presents and the family?

In fact, to the words “sexy” and “Christmas” even go together?

I was a little hesitant to publish this, because I don’t want to seem sacrilegious. Obviously the purpose of Christmas is to remember Christ’s birth, and to look forward to His coming again. We’re supposed to remember “God with us”.

But maybe it’s because our anniversary is December 21, but I’ve always kind of associated Christmas with fun in marriage, too! And since I’m one who totally believes that hot and holy can go together, and who totally believes that God WANTS us to have fun in our marriages, then I think Christmas is a great time to reignite some of those marriage flames.

After all, you tend to have more time together around this time of year because work schedules fall off. There aren’t as many other commitments after December 20. Things shut down for two weeks. And grandparents are often around to watch the kids! And, besides, for many men, all they want for Christmas really IS you. 🙂

So let’s look at 10 ways you can inject “sexy” into the season!

1. Get some Christmas Lingerie

Every Christmas you can get some new satiny Christmas pyjamas. Or you can buy a Santa outfit that would likely be too cold to wear in the North Pole.

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