10 Unexpected Objects that Actually Saved a Life

Have you ever seen a movie where an everyday item spared somebody from death? We mostly assume that this incident only happened according to the movie’s plot and nearly impossible to happen in real life.

8. Coin

5-rupee coin india
Same as in the movies, a coin stopped a bullet from piercing a man’s heart. Krishna Shetty, a man from India had this odd habit of putting his wallet in his shirt pocket. No one foresaw that this wallet with a coin inside kept in his shirt pocket was the one that will save his life.

Shetty, together with his neighbor, Nicholas Gomes were shot by three unidentified motorcycle-riding assailants. Gomes was shot in the stomach while Shetty was shot in the chest. The bullet that aimed at Shetty fell to the ground after hitting the wallet in his t-shirt pocket. Hard to imagine that the bullet hit the coin which was the only hard item in his wallet. Just a centimeter target deviation will strike his heart that can surely take his life.

Both men survived the shooting and might just be victims of mistaken identity. (source)

7. Headphones

My headphones saved my life
A pair of headphones saved a woman’s life when she was crossing the street and was hit by a car. Kate Fitzpatrick was listening to her mp3 using the large padded earphones she borrowed from her boyfriend when she was thrown in the air after being rammed by a fast-moving car. She landed on her neck and shoulder, but the headphones come to the rescue—protecting her head.

The doctors said that without the aid of the earphones’ sponge absorbing the impact, Fitzpatrick could be dead because of severe head concussion and brain injuries.  However, she still suffered a relatively minor fractured skull (compared to no headphone cushioning) and a broken shoulder from the incident. (source).

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