10 Cute, Beautiful but Surprisingly Dangerous Animals

The world is full of many wonders. There are animals of many shapes, colors and capabilities. They inspire a sense of awe with their beauty, and some with their viciousness. But, what about those that are cute and beautiful, but surprisingly dangerous animals? Let’s find out about these creatures that are marvelous to look at, but, menacing to deal with:

10. Cassowary

Beautiful but Surprisingly Dangerous Animals

This flightless bird from New Guinea and north-eastern parts of Australia can reach up to a height of 79 inches. Structurally, they look like a cross of turkey and ostrich, and their bright coloration makes them resemble a peacock to some extent. Their body has black feathers. Their head is bluish, and the neck is red, but, the most astounding part is that these colours may change according to the mood of the bird. The females are larger and more colorful than the males. They have a crest called casque on their head, giving quite a warrior-like look. What makes these aloof animals dangerous is when they enter a full-on ‘attack’ mode: it attacks with its three toes which have long and straight nails that are sharp enough to be murderous. The bird will chase you down and kick you, and even sever your arms or eviscerate your abdomen if threatened.

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